Sunday, October 29, 2006

District's beloved mother is on dialysis

Published in Dainik Jagran, Katni as a feature in Hindi. The summary of the same is produced here in English.

Payri Ma is a name of the scheme which was launched by the state in February 2006 with lot of publicity in 6 bocks of Katni district. The purpose was to promote institutional delivery and help combat maternal mortality. Naturally the scheme was launched with aim of getting publicity in the name of social service, without any technical input, into it.

Just within two months if its launch the glitches started coming in. In first month 224 women were given awards as promised in the scheme, the numbers of awards given (not promised) started dropping after two months. Naturally the big question was how to fund the same, first it was flexi funds available under different heads, finally IEC funds came handy for its survival. Though the number of institutional delivery rose in first two months but started giving way, though there is no evaluation why did number increased and how it came down ?

Today scheme is just on dialysis may or may not survive till its first birth day.

Translation by the blog team.

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