Sunday, February 11, 2007

Patients suffer due to lack of drinking water in health centre’s of Madhya Pradesh

Sandhya Prakash, Bhopal (Hindi) Feb 11, 2007

As per reproductive and child health district level household survey (2004) out of the 386 primary health centre where this survey was carried out only 224 had drinking water facility. This means that only 58.3 percent primary health centre’s have drinking water other have no such facility. In case of community health centre’s out of the 46 surveyed only 10 had facility of drinking water.

Similarly out of the 386 primary health centre surveyed only 35 had vehicles which were in running condition. In case of 46 community health centre’s surveyed 31 had vehicles in running condition. (Blog comments - This also means that problem is more acute where it is most needed in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh where accessibility is an issue)

NGOs working in the state question the state policies and say that at one place state is announcing schemes while on other hand state lacks adequate infrastructure to provide health services to its people.

Adapted from the media report published in hindi in Sandhya Prakash.

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