Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blood shortage in Shivpuri's blood bank

District Shivpuri has only one blood bank which always faces the shortage of blood

Ten years back Shobha blood bank was established in the district. It has facility of to store blood and blood exchange but there may be few which had availed of this facility.

One can see many visiting the blood bank for want of the blood for their near and dear admitted in hospital or elsewhere, which they never receive. Either one fulfills the need by getting blood from outside the district or from a blood donor. Even people who have been registered as blood donors are not ready always to donate blood.

On the call of the Dr Manohar Agnani District Collector of Shivpuri, non governmental organisations did started monthly blood donation camps in the district, there were few takers. Blood bank has facility to store 250 bottles of blood for 35 days but still when people need there is a standard reply which one gets ‘blood of this group is not available at the moment’.

As per Dr O P Sharma statement in the news - blood bank face variation but blood of group O+ and B group faces shortage. He acknowledged that since the time NGOs have started the monthly blood donation camps there has been change in the situation.

Published in Dainik Bhaskar – November 17, 2006 Shivpuri edition

(Blog’s commentsAs per official records State has 107 blood banks for 60.38 million people. If situation of the limited available blood banks is same as in Shivpuri and Bhind (story and impact of non functional blood bank is published below) how can one save lives of people including women and children in the state. Availability of the Blood is a major issue, which needs urgent ACTION- A wake up call for state's helath department)


Anonymous said...

this indeed is WAKE UP CALL

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