Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Civil hospital faces shortage of gynecologist

Sewada Tehsil, Madhya Pradesh

The civil hospital here has seven sanctioned posts of the medical doctors but only two are posted. Not to talk of doctors even equipments and X ray machines are not working and they are like a showpiece in the hospital.

This is the situation at the main hospital at the tehsil. This looks quite good from outside but internally it faces heavy crunch in terms of the staff. For last five years this hospital is working on the strength of two doctors though the sanctioned posts are seven. Many pregnant women do not get delivery here as lady doctor is not there. Only one fourth of deliveries do happen here which are referred from PHC Indergarh. Even the two posted doctors most of the time are engaged in the various campaigns or meetings while patients suffer !

A published in Dainik Bhaskar November 20, 2006

(Blog’s comments : State’s Health & Family Welfare Minister Ajay Bishnoi had accepted in response to the question in the floor of the house that there is shortage of gynecologists in the state - out of the total 138 posts in the district 40 are vacant. Though state is aware of the fact but there is not definite plan in recruiting them !)