Monday, January 08, 2007

Madhya Pradesh lacks medical staff

Central Chronicle, Bhopal, January 9, 2007

The state government has launched number of health schemes on the trot with a view to reduce the high mortalities rates of women and child in Madhya Pradesh. But it did not get desired results due to many reasons.

The schemes are depend upon the ground level people who are entrusted to implement the same. Feedback of Vijay Raje Bima Yojna-in which Rs upto 2,400 are given to the beneficiaries of below poverty line for undergoing institutional deliveries-has been satisfactory to some extent but women of the remotest and those who have no BPL cards are being deprived of the schemes. Before going to start any health schemes, the state government should mull over infrastructure whether it is available or not at last unit of democracy set up.

The rural people depend on district hospitals but the unruly behaviors of staff members of the hospital add more to the misery of the patients. However, state government says that it is committed to improving health sector but seems to be failed, due to lack of adequate medical staff at tehsil and district level hospital. The women, who live to the adjacent of the town and district, have access to get hospital treatments while others perform their deliveries at home at high risk.

Sunil Kumar, Bhopal

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Anonymous said...

yes it lacks staff and no action is being taken in the same regard