Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pregnant woman dies due to negligence

Pioneer, Jan 11, 2007

In a shivering incident, a pregnant woman lost her life in a Government hospital of Ashoknagar district due to absence of healthcare staff during emergency. Nevabai, a tribal resident of Chanderi block of the district, was admitted to the hospital under the Institutional Delivery Scheme of the State Government.

The doctor on duty after examining Nevabai directed the nurse to transfuse a bottle of blood to the lady. After a few minutes, Nevabai's condition worsened as the bottle passed air in her vein. The perturbed woman, in absence of any caretaker went unconscious and continued loosing blood till the nurse saw her at 5 pm, her husband Kapura told.

After severely loosing blood, Nevabai succumbed the next day at 6 pm. Non-Governmental sources informed they have witnessed as many as seven pregnant women lose their lives in the past 30 days at Katni district hospital due to the negligence of doctors and nurses.

Padwawati (22) of Lakhanwara, Radhabai (25) of Kuthla, Rinki Kewat (22) of Badari, Guddibai, Raddhobai, Meena and Shashi of Badwara of the district are few of the victims who instead of receiving benefits of institutional delivery had to lost their lives.

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