Saturday, December 23, 2006

Govt claim on institutional delivery at stake

Published in Central Chronicle
By Our Staff Reporter
Bhopal, Dec 23: Shivpuri district has been noticing a different trend these days, which has put all the great proclamations' of the state for promoting institutional delivery at stake. Families are coming forward for the deliveries to district hospitals and health centre but probably centre are not equipped to handle the same neither the human resource is willing. Whether it is attitudes of doctors or nurses or health staff or their absenteeism or inadequate infrastructure or lack of blood or medicines or corruption, one notices a treand in the district of deliveries outside the hospital or maternal deaths.
In the same league on December 13, last a Harijan, Sanida Bai along with her husband Kailash Jatav from village Badagaon came to the Shivpuri district hospital while she was in her labour. But staff present there did not admit her in the hospital, reasons unknown. She and her family waited there for two hours in pain and she delivered the child on the road outside the hospital.

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