Saturday, December 23, 2006

Struggling for her daughters treatment for last 21 day in state capital

Dina Pragyapaiti is from Chhattarpur district and he has come to state capital with lots of hopes for treatment of his girl child aged 12 years. She is suffering from vascular disease and suffers from acute pain in her fingers. A per media report doctors at the hospital say that his treatment will cost Rupees one lakh only as he does not have any money they have not only refused the treatment but even the admission in the hospital. When contacted by the media the Dr M P Chincholkar said that we cannot treat her and many diseases are such which do not have any treatment so why admit?

Published in Dainik Bhaskar Bhopal edition Decemeber 23, 2006

Comments - If this is the reply – It’s inhuman…We urge all media professionals to please raise this issue in way they can.

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