Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hospital staff demands money for delivery

(Please note - State proclaims to have many schemes which provide for financial support to promote institutional delivery)

‘Sir staff demands money for delivery’ was the reply from when a state government team comprising of the Zonal director and CMHO visited the hospital at Laxmi Ganj.

The rate card which one patients has to shelve - Rupees nine hundred for boy and five hundred for girl – the money goes to the staff posted there. Though the team promised action and took the statements. When the medicine store was checked it was found that it had medicines but same were being prescribed and the patients had to buy it from outside. Labour ward was shabby, oxygen cylinders did not have any oxygen even the oxygen tube was not in order. Though many patients admitted in the wards were from BPL families but hardly any of the got any benefit rather than had to pay for the delivery at this hospital.

Adapted from Dainik Bhaskar Gwalior news on December 2, 2006

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