Saturday, December 02, 2006

lack of blood bank kills two in Bhind

Published in Pioneer, December 2, 2006
Staff Reporter Bhopal

Rekha Bhadoriya, Kiran Jatav die for want of blood, proper careTwo pregnant women, Rekha Bhadoriya and Kiran Jatav Sarkar, lost their lives within an hour at the district hospital of Bhind on Thursday, due to the alleged gross negligence of the hospital authority.

Rekha Bahdoriya, in the seventh month of pregnancy, was admitted to the hospital after she suffered from bleeding. The hospital, however, did not have a functional blood bank facility and she lost her life due to lack of blood.

Similarly, Kiran, wife of Mukesh Jatav of Bhind, was also pregnant and complained of pain on November 10. Her family brought her to the hospital and doctors advised some routine tests (haemoglobin and blood group) to be done. She was prescribed a medicine for stomach ache and was sent back.

Kiran gave birth to a baby at home on November 16. But after she showed signs of delivery complications, her family rushed her to the hospital. The doctors in the hospital reviewed her condition after an hour where allegedly she was not given any treatment. Her family waited with hope that doctors would take care of her for another two hours but by the time the doctors could make up their minds to treat her, she was no more.

The hospital administration complained about the lack of adequate financial resources. "We do not have sufficient number of beds in the maternity ward and that's why Kiran could not be admitted," said the hospital superintendent, on the condition that her name was not to be published.
The superintendent also said that owing to fact that the hospital blood bank does not function, the blood loss suffered by Rekha could not be compensated.

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Punish the criminals who kills these women